The IFCBA (International Federation
of Customs Brokers Associations)
works to bring about improvements
in customs policies and practices
on a global basis. These improvements benefit both
customs brokers and their clients. The internationa
l trade community depends on the work done by
customs brokers and the IFCBA serves customs
brokers by keeping them at the centre of the
international trading system. T
he IFCBA e-mail service keeps member
organizations updated on the latest trade
information around the world.

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GBL Group is a member of
International Federation of Freight
Forwarders Associations (FIATA). FIATA
is the organization which unites logistic
and freight forwarding companies and
their associations across the world,
represents, promotes and protects
the interests of the industry by participating
as advisors or experts in meetings
of international bodies dealing with
transportation and etc.

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